God’s Word is all we have?

My personal understanding is that we have the word of God full stop. From cradle to grave and everything that happens to us as individuals we don’t know but God knows every decision we ever made or will make through out our lives, so God knows every possible outcomes from a decision wether it’s going to be good or bad, wether a sinful decision and outcome or a good and right outcome in God’s eyes . From my view God is outside looking in on the earth observing but not interacting with us as individuals but according to Gods word that assumption is absolutely wrong thinking because He knows the steps we each take wether towards Him or away from Him and if it’s towards Him then we can have assurance that he is guiding us individually in the narrow path that leads us to life with Him after this life journey. Point is I don’t hear His audible voice or see his hand physically like we with one another in our physical plane of existence but taking God at His word in the bible is surely all we need for every day existence and that when our days come to a close here we can have assurance that He will bring us safe into His presence were we will be forever, we have to remember that the valley of death is now but a shadow since Christ Himself has removed the fear we would have had before Calvary. Let us be unlike Thomas and not require to see the physical person of Christ and to put our fingers into His scars but rather like humbled Thomas let us bow daily and say like Thomas did, my lord and my God. Also we can take to heart what our Lord Jesus Christ said, blessed are we who having Not seen Him like the desciples did but we still believe on Him for salvation or deliverance from sin and the curse that over shadows this present life. “ Blessed are all who will believe on Jesus through the desciples good News written down for our education and encouragement. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and We shall be saved- saved from what? Saved from the curse that Adam brought upon us all through his disobedience and Christ through His obedience has brought peace and reconciliation between us and God as our creator and Now Father, not slaves nor servants but adopted Sons and Daughters. When our time comes to sleep in the earth like Daniel has done all these centuries past will like him arise again on the last day when Christ returns to our reward of eternal life and fellowship with the Lord. My prayer is that each of us will have peace with God through our lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself so that we can live with Him forever. ( we do live in fearful and dangerous times and days but let’s take God at His Word and hear him speak, Fear Not because the things we see happening all around us must take place as Jesus told the desciples about events that will be happening right up ontil His return, wars and rumours of war, pestilence etc but He says to make sure we don’t become shaken in mind at all the things we witness happening around the world in the nations because He will return just as he left on the mount of olives and when his feet touch the mountain it will split in two and a river of water of life will flow down into the Dead Sea, scientists a long time ago know that there is a fault line inside the mountain of olives that would easily split in two at the Lords touch but fault line or no fault line we believe his word that everything will happen just as he has said.

Published by milo2030

I am widowed 5 years now and have 2 adult sons at home

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